Eating Like a Cave Man

If you’re like me and really enjoy your morning oatmeal, this week’s Mindful March Challenge presents a bit of a problem!  But I always say it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and shake things up.

In preparation for this week’s challenge I boiled some eggs today. I’m planning to eat hard-boiled eggs and either some fruit or avocado…or both for breakfast tomorrow. I eat a LOT of food in the morning. My body requires it and I’ve gotten used to filling up on oats and apples. But, of course, I cannot eat grains tomorrow since I’m following the challenge.

cavemenFor lunch I’ll plan to eat soup (using broth I made from bones) with vegetables and I’ll add some other greens. For dinner we’ll have some lean protein and lots  vegetables.

How will you eat like a cave man tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “Eating Like a Cave Man

  1. Ginny, I’ll be home enough tomorrow to attempt this challenge, but on day 2 of the cave man eating challenge I’m out at a swim meet most of the day. How do you handle this when you’re on the go and out all day?

  2. Hi Katie,
    I’d prepare my meals and snacks before I left home. You could bring some sliced chicken and a big salad. Store the dressing in a different container so it doesn’t get soggy. For snacks you can bring any fruit or vegetable or nuts. Hope that helps!

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